Saturday, August 14, 2010

Major Parks in The Woodlands - large view

Below are links to articles to these parks in the Commentary. Associated entries on the map are organized left to right starting at bottom. For example, the first park "Cranebrook" is located on the map in the bottom left, and the last park "Harpers Landing" is located in the upper right. All have swimming pools (except Terramont and Tupelo), but all have pavilions. Those without links are Commentary works in progress.

1. Cranebrook in Sterling Ridge
2. Terramont - the hill and disc golf course in Sterling Ridge
3. Forestgate in Indian Springs
4. Lakeside - reservoir in Cochran's Crossing
5. Tupelo - lakeside
6. Falconwing - in Indian Springs
7. Alden Bridge - beautiful with lake in Alden Bridge
8. Rob Fleming - huge pavilion, open park for crowds and events in Creekside Park
9. Windvale - large pavilion, adjoining green area in Alden Bridge
10.Shadowbend - also see Marsh Experience in Panther Creek
11.Creekwood in Panther Creek
12.Ridgewood in Panther Creek
13.Bear Branch in Cochrans Crossing
14.Northshore - on Lake Woodlands in Panther Creek
15.Sawmill in Grogans Mill
16.Town Green - Town Center events
17.Tamarac in Grogans Mill
18.Harpers Landing in College Park

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